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  • The license code can remove the “Trial version” female voice from the output sound and use all features;
  • One license code can register up to 2 different PCs, and they can use this software at the same time
  • The license code is valid for life
  • You can re-register with it any times on the same PC (hardware changes will be treated as a new PC)
  • The registration can be cancelled. Uninstall the software from the registered PC to deregister so it can be used again on another PC
  • To prevent registration failure due to a typo, it is recommended to copy and paste the license code into the registration window
  • The PC needs to be connected to the Internet during the registration. Allow the program to use the network in firewall settings, and you can enable/disable the Proxy / VPN if registration failed and you're using them
  • Please contact us if you need the enterprise license code which can register more PCs.

It’s not important for the username and email in the registration window, and you can fill in anything you want.


We support kinds of payment methods such as Paypal, Credit Card and Stripe.

The license code will be sent to the email you left in the order immediately after payment, and will also be displayed in the order details, as shown below (please refresh the page if not displayed): Please contact us if you have any questions, and tell us your order no if you've placed an order.


Please check our Refund Policy before purchase.

  • The software can be downloaded for free trial, please try it before purchasing, there is no difference in functions between trial version and registered version
  • Refund will not be accepted once the license code has been successfully registered
  • We only provide after-sales service related to the license code. For software usage, please refer to the related tutorials on our website.

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