You can try to reinstall VCam and choose [install WDM driver] when install, then try using “e2eSoft VCam (WDM)” device in your application.
VCam supports Win2000/WinXP/Win2003/VISTA/WIN7, and need DirectX 8.0 or higher. Administrator privilege is needed to install VCam.
Please be sure to uninstall old version of VCam first (reboot if needed) then install the newer one.
VCam is based on DirectShow architecture, so in theory, if you have installed the right codec and let the video can be played by Windows Media Player, VCam is able to play it as well.
VCam supports common video formats (*.avi; *.dat; *.vbr; *.mpeg; *.mpg; *,mp1; *.mp2; *.vob; *.wmv; *.asf; *.rm; *.rmvb; *.mov; *.3gp; *.mp4; *.mkv; *.flv …).
If some video in your pc can’t be played by VCam, please install the right codecs, such as XP-Codec-Pack, K-Lite, ffdshow or StormCodec;
If ASF, WMV file can’t be played, please update (or reinstall) to the latest version of Windows Media Player;
If RM, RMVB file can’t be played, please install the latest version of Real One Player;
If MOV file can’t be played, please install the latest version of QuickTime Player;
Installing DirectX 9.0 or higher version is also recommended.
You can:
(1). Kugoo software’s bug, uninstall it or configure the audio device in it;
(2). Reinstall Windows Media Player.
You can:
(1) Don’s check the “Show the” (source video or processed video) item in Options dialog;
(2) Set “Default video size” in Options dialog to the right one you need such as 176 x144;
(3) Launch the application which will use VCam and open e2eCap webcam in it first, then launch VCam.
VCam only handles video, it just play the audio of video files on local pc, if you want to let your friend hearing the audio, you may:
(1) Open the audio mix function of your sound card: Double click the speaker icon in system tray, open volume control -> Options -> Properties -> Recording -> choose Wave Out Mix or Stereo Mix -> OK;
(2) Adjust the volume higher, and put your MIC near by your speaker, ^_^
VCam doesn’t have this feature. But you can make it using other tools such as Windows Movie Maker, please see the example in VCam help file .
You can use a lower capture frame rate when capturing, which can be set in Options dialog. The default value of it is 15, you can set it to 5 for example.
You need to close OS’s hardware acceleration, method: Right click on desktop -> Properties -> Settings -> Advanced -> Troubleshoot -> Hardware acceleration, set it to “None” will be OK! Note that you’d better change it back after screen capture finished.

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